Powerplant - About Us

Powerplant was established in 2002 by Yaniv Evan, a custom bike builder, living and creating right here in LA. Inspired by his roots in aviation and a love of hot rods, racing and vintage motorcycles, Yaniv spent decades honing his legendary signature style. Over the past sixteen years, he has grown from selling t-shirts out of his garage, to expanding into the storefront which now acts as a showroom for Powerplant's vintage-inspired apparel and prestige parts collection. Yaniv’s obsession to detail is the soul of Powerplant, and each client gets to take home a piece of that soul with them, whether they are an everyday rider down the block or one of his high-profile customers. Everyday, he wakes up inspired and honored to lead Powerplant and its family of dedicated riders and talented artists. Motorcycles have the ability to connect different people from all over the world, and we aim for our family to keep growing. Powerplant is more than a brand, it‘s a community, a statement, and a way of life.